Why it Matters

Poverty in North Texas is increasing at a staggering rate. Children growing up in poverty in a city as rich as Dallas is inexcusable. Love For Kids has always valued family and children and our mission is to ensure that children and families have easy access to education and resources. This is not very easy for our families who live in some of our impoverished areas in North Texas and it is especially difficult for families who have special needs or chronically ill children.

Love For Kids wants to empower families by ensuring they have
what is needed when times are tough.


Low-income parents in need of parenting education.

Many parents in Dallas are stretched financially and emotionally. Low wages and long hours leave little quality time to spend with children. Child abuse cases are rising. The Dallas Police Department’s child abuse squad investigated 1,500 cases last year. This year, the team had investigated nearly 600 cases through mid-June.

When Love For Kids teaches parents how to be more effective and make better decisions, then we impact and lower the child abuse rate.

Nearly 500,000 adults living in Greater Dallas area do not have basic literacy skills (National Assessment of Adult Literacy, 2003)

2 out of 5 people speak a language other than English at home in Dallas County (U.S. Census 2010)

1 in 4 adults in Dallas County do not have a high school diploma or equivalent (U.S. Census 2010)

Love For Kids is impacting children and families on a daily basis by providing
education, outreach and resources that bridge the gaps that exist for
low income and special needs children.

Community Impact

Throughout the years Love For Kids has only had one goal and one vision:


“Work hand in hand with families to ensure families have basic needs like education and resources.”


“Strengthen family relationships thru education, empowerment and being engaged with community participation.”

Love For Kids has been a mainstay in Dallas, Denton and Collin County for over 42 years. Since 1975 Love For Kids has provided services for:

  • 164,000 Children of low income from Dallas County and parts of Denton and Collin Counties.
  • 54,500 Senior Citizens from Dallas County and parts of Denton and Collin Counties.
  • 38,500 Children with special needs or chronic illness from Dallas County and parts of Denton and Collin Counties.