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With your help Love For Kids Inc. is making a difference for children and families on a daily basis by providing education, outreach and resources. We are bridging the gaps that exist for low income and special needs children with steady persistence and innovative programs. Your donations and time volunteering helps give children a chance at breaking the cycle of poverty that they did not choose, yet are living in.

Poverty in North Texas is increasing at a staggering rate. Children growing up in poverty in or surrounded by high income cities is tragic. Love For Kids Inc. has always valued family and children with a mission to ensure that children and families have easy access to education and resources. This is not very easy for our families who live in some of our impoverished areas in North Texas and it is especially difficult for families who have special needs or chronically ill children.

Many parents in North Texas are stretched financially and emotionally. Low wages and long hours leave little quality time to spend with children. Child abuse cases are rising as are unemployment and homeless rates. When we consider the levels of families and children facing unstable housing, the inability to provide for their children or protect them, we understand the importance of what Love For Kids Inc. provides.

We cannot thank our donors, volunteers, interns, partner organizations, and sponsors for the difference they make in the lives of the children who will one day be our future here in North Texas. If you would like to join us in making a difference please contact us at