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Since 2018, Love For Kids Inc. has been visiting recreation centers and retirement communities to conduct educational activities regarding topics that are important to Senior Citizens. Our goal is to reinforce relationships between elder generations and children providing much needed connections and support. Emotional support is a resource sometimes best found in the wisdom of age. We want to encourage communication between families where there may otherwise be obstacles due to physical limitations or finance. We provide cards, toys and other items to seniors to help keep the lines of communication open with the children in their lives however possible and encourage family connections.

There is also the issue of 9.5% of grandparents now raising grandchildren in Texas, seniors need new resources to help themselves and kids when this situation arises. Parenting resources addressing technology, new school standards, social changes and other parenting issues are addressed under our Grand Connections classes.

Finally, Love For Kids Inc. encourages mentorships between seniors and children. Guidance that comes from a lifetime of learning can be a valuable tool for children as they learn to cope with challenges that are faced during difficult times in life.

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