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While the Annual Palette to Palate fundraiser is an exciting night event, the Palate to Palette Too event is the children’s counterpart afternoon art event after our February, Show Your Love, Art Contest. There is an impressive display of local art by children and a selection of restaurants serving their kid friendly fare. During Palate to Palette Too, Love For Kids, Inc. presents winning artists various awards, scholarships and mentorships. The event is a celebration with music, laughter and fun items to bid on all to help future generations in their artistic endeavors.

This event will permit Love For Kids, Inc. to help disadvantaged and special needs children throughout Denton, Dallas, and Collin counties accomplish their dreams in the arts. Your support and participation will enable Love For Kids Inc. to provide resources to the talented children of our community who are not always given opportunities.

If you are interested in attending Palate to Palette Too as a Vendor or in you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please call our office at 214-426-5683 or email