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Historically Love For Kids Inc. visited local recreation centers and retirement communities to teach over 670 seniors educational topics that are important to Senior Citizens. Love For Kids Inc. has redoubled our efforts to connect the growing generational disconnect with our innovative Grand Event. We will be inviting both elders and the youth we serve to come together as families. Grandparents can bring grandchildren, grandaunts and uncles can bring nieces and nephews if that is their connection of choice. What matters is the legacy of wisdom is passed down and the exuberance of youth is seen through elder eyes again. We will be providing games both groups can enjoy together, provide resources for caregivers who are raising grandchildren and hopefully help create lasting memories for all who participate.

If you are interested in attending The Grand Event as a Resource Vendor or in you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please call our office at 214-426-5683 or email

To volunteer for this event you can register with us at

Enrollment for guests is currently by invite only, you can however sign-up for our waiting list at