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All Kids Count is a picnic for children with special needs, are intellectually different or are medically fragile. Their families are able to not only enjoy the day with their children, they also welcomed to find resources from partner organizations and partners who specifically help their unique kids. The event is planned by community and educational professionals with specifically organized entertainment such as horseback riding, crafts, a petting zoo, and other activities to engage children on as many levels as possible. Over 600 families attend with parents, caregivers, siblings, and children attend All Kids Count to enjoy a day of fun together on a ranch. The event is entirely free to all participants as long as families complete the required pre-registration form.

If you are interested in attending All Kids Count as a Resource Vendor or in you are interested in sponsorship opportunities for All Kids Count, please call our office at 214-426-5683 or email

To volunteer for this event you can register with us at

Enrollment for guests is currently by invite only, you can however sign-up for our waiting list at