LOVE FOR KIDS (LFK) was established in 1975 by Bill Barrett, a local businessman and philanthropist, and Alan Powdermaker, CEO of Circle R Ranch.

Bill and Alan wanted to have a special Christmas party for approximately 200 of the children that were sent to Texas from Southeast Asia after the Vietnam War.  Their goal was to show these children what a real Texas Christmas was like. After deciding on the Circle R Ranch as the location for such a party for a deserving group of kids and their parents they brought together family, friends and volunteers and the Annual Children’s Holiday Event was born. That party was a tremendous success and the founders, seeing the tremendous need of the under served decided to make it an annual event.

LFK has grown tremendously since its inception.  It incorporated other events over the years like the Senior Fling and All Kids Count.  Events and services have changed over the years as the needs of Dallas and Denton County have had changing populations and needs.

Throughout the years Love For Kids has only had one goal and one vision. 

The goal of LOVE FOR KIDS was and is: “Work hand in hand with families to ensure families have basic needs like education and resources.”

LOVE FOR KIDS’s vision is: “Strengthen family relationships thru education, empowerment and being engaged with community participation.”